You can set an unlimited number of Codes against any stock item

Some of these Codes are Pre-defined so you must ensure you do not use any of these in-advertently. These include:

  • SHOWDEC - This is mainly used for Fuel Sales where the Price per Litre is often to more than 2 decimal places
  • NOLIST - Used for excluding stock items from a list or export in certain areas
  • SETPRICE - This will stop the stock Retail Price being updated from a Price Book
  • NONSTOCK - When importing will set Update Stock Qtys to False


You can also create your own codes for many other purposes.

We used to use this for Applications of an item, for example the models that the stock item fitted, but the Attributes feature may now be better for this as it allows you to group them (eg: under Makes)

One of the advantages in Codes over Attributes is that the data is in a single field that is included in an export file (Items / Stock / Maintenance / Export Stock / Stock CSV format).


Adding Codes to a stock item

  1. Select Items / Stock Items. Highlight the appropriate part number and select the Action tab. 
  2. You can then Add or Remove the Codes by clicking on the appropriate buttons.
  3. You can also select Items / Stock / Maintenance / Change Code to bulk set or remove a code for various criteria.

Note the Codes are stored in one field separated by a unique separator character | (which should not be used with in the Code).


Finding stock items by Code

Select Search from either Sales or Stock Items, then select the Tab called Codes and select the appropriate code