Attributes are our way of handling additional properties you want set against an item.

You can have an unlimited number of Attributes can be set on any stock item and can assign the same attribute to multiple stock items.

Attributes can be used for searching, reporting and can be displayed for eCommerce websites.

Attribute Types

We have different types of attributes allowing you to categorise them into their respective categories.

  • General - For any type of attribute that does not suit the other types
  • Feature
  • Specification
  • Performance

Attributes Tab

Under the attributes tab we have a grid to see what attributes have been assigned to the stock item, we then have buttons to add and remove attributes.

Creating an Attribute

When creating an attribute we can either select from existing attributes or create a new attribute.

  1. Navigate to Items\Stock Items\Attribute Tab
  2. Click Add
  3. Choose the Type of Attribute
  4. Give the Attribute a name or heading
  5. Enter the Attribute
  6. Click OK to save