The stock count feature enables you to perform quick and easy stock takes. Select Items from the top menu, then Stock Items, then Count

You can count all your stock in one go. Or more commonly nowadays you can count specific Categories, Brands, Locations, Location ranges or Part Number ranges on a rotational system. Many users find it easier to rotate their stock counts and just count a number of Locations or Categories per month.

Multiple computers can be used and you can use data capture units, wired barcode readers and wireless barcode readers. Customer services will be happy to help with any stock counting equipment or advice.

Ensure the count is reset to zero before starting

When counting we are updating the Counted Quantity (not the Stock Quantity) so before we begin a stock count we need to reset any previous count figures to zero. Otherwise if say 2 was counted last time and none was found to count this time then the count would remain at 2 when it should be 0.

To reset, select the criteria you want to re-set (eg: All, Category, Brand, Location, and then select Reset from the left menu. This will reset the counted quantity to zero for that criteria ready for the next stock count. If you want to check, you can use the Edit Counted or List options on the left menu to ensure the Counted quantities are zero.

Choose the Criteria of what you want to count

Now that you are ready to start counting, you should decide which areas of your stock you want to check. You can choose from the following options:

  • All Stock - Perform a count on your entire stock file.
  • Category - Select a specific Category from the drop-down list.
  • Brand - Select a specific Brand from the drop-down list.
  • Location - Select a specific location from the drop-down list.
  • Location Range - Enter the From and To of a Range
  • Part Number Range - Enter the From and To of a Range

Note. If you click Category, Brand or Location, you will then need to select the appropriate option from the drop down box. Once selected, the quantity of items in that criteria is displayed on the right hand side.

If you select one of the Range options then bear in mind these are Alphabetic ranges not Numeric so if you did From: 2 to: 3 it would include 20, 200, 30, 300 etc as well as 2 and 3.

Count where the Stock is

It can be a lot quicker if you can count the stock where it is especially if using Barcodes. One popular method is to have Evopos on a Notebook computer with a wireless network and a barcode scanner. This enables you go where the stock is and quickly scan the items.

Choose How you want to Count

There are different ways we can count the stock.

  • From a List - Shows a list for the selected criteria where we we can enter the quantities counted. You click the headings to change the order. You can print out the list so you can write the quantity manually first if the stock is not close to the computer. Just set your criteria and then select Edit Counted from the left menu
  • Individually Scanning or Entering - Enter or scan the part numbers and quantities. This method is good if you have a barcode scanner. It is also good for checking if the part meets the criteria you are using, for example if you were scanning the category: 'Batteries Yuasa' and you scanned a part number that was not it that category it would prompt to change the Category. If you have the Confirm Quantity option ticked then a Quantity pop-up box will appear automatically. Or you could use a Quantity code in the Part Number field (see below). By default when you press Enter it will Add to any quantity already counted, alternatively you can select 'Change Qty' which will ignore any previously counted. If you're not using the confirm quantity button you can also scan the item once for every individual one you hold (E.g. If you have 5 Screwdrivers, scan one of them five times). You can also permanently change the location of the part by clicking 'Change Location'. Once the part has been entered, the details of the last two items appear on the line below for quick reference. You can edit any of your progress at any time by using the 'Edit Counted' button and simply editing the amounts in the quantity column.
  • Batch scanning - If you have a Data Capture unit you can Scan barcodes and confirm quantities and then upload the counted list to Evopos. The file you upload must have the Part Number as the first column and the Quantity as the second column. Any additional columns will be ignored.

Using Quantity Codes or Quantity Barcodes

You can enter a Quantity Code in the Part No field to update the quantity. The code is in the format: -Q25 (where -Q is the quantity code and 25 is the quantity counted). We have a sheet of Barcodes available for download on our user portal that have these codes for different quantities as barcodes. This can make the stock take with a barcode scanner much quicker.

Using a wireless scanner with an internal memory

If you use a wireless scanner with internal memory and a quantity code barcode sheet, you can scan all your items and quantities in one hit, then you dock the scanner and all the information is entered into the count.

We would use the Individually Scanning or Entering option. Click in the Part No field before you begin. The blinking text cursor must be in this box to start receiving data.

Ensure that your scanner is set to Inventory Mode so that it can store data in it's internal memory.

Now start scanning items. If the quantity is greater than 1 either scan the item multiple times or scan a quantity code form the Quantity Code Barcode sheet (eg: -Q40 if there are forty in stock. Repeat this process until you finish the area you are working on.

When you have completed a section then dock the scanner in the cradle which will quickly input all the items and quantities into the count.

Using your Phone/Tablet

There are plenty of stock taking apps for iOS and Android, as long as you are able to export your count to a CSV file, you will be able to import that file into Evopos.

Popular iOS counting app:

Check your progress

You can check your progress at any time by using either the List button for detailed reports, or the Edit Counted button to check and amend your work.

Update the stock

To update your stock quantities to your new Counted quantities select Update from the left menu. This gives you two options:

  • Update all - This will adjust the quantities of every stock item within the selected criteria. For example, if you choose to count and update the location SHOP, then select Update All, every item assigned to the SHOP location will have it's quantities adjusted. Any items which haven't been counted will be adjusted to zero.
  • Update Counted - This will only adjust the quantities of the items you have counted. Any items which have not been counted will remain unchanged.

The stock is NOT be adjusted at this point, the system just creates a Purchase Order Adjustment Record for each line that needs to be adjusted.

To update the stock quantity you will need to go into Purchase Orders, select the Purchase Order Adjustment record and select Edit. Check the entries, a negative value will reduce the stock and a positive value will increase it. Then when you are sure it is all correct select 'Receive All' and then Save to finalize the adjustment and update the stock quantities. This is a good chance to make any final changes before finishing your stock take.

Recalculate your Year Opening Stock

Once you are sure your Current stock is correct it is possible to Recalculate your Year opening stock by taking your current stock and adjusting for the History since the beginning of the financial year. For example if your current stock for an item was 3 and your history said you purchased 20 and sold 22 then your year opening stock would be 1 (3+20=23-22=1). There is an option to do this automatically in Items / Stock / Maintenance.