EVOPOS enables you to perform a stocktake using multiple criteria's and devices, its key features are:

  • Count from multiple devices/computers
  • Count specific locations, categories, criteria's etc
  • Import CSV files from other stocktaking software
  • Count for sales and purchases while stocktaking
  • Handle missing stock (adjust items you do not count)
  • Set BIN Locations as you are counting

Deciding how to stocktake

The first step is deciding how you will stocktake, this depends on the state of your data and how you intend to perform the stock take.

Count items by criteria (location/category)
Great for quick stocktaking where you can count small sections at a time.
  • Requires criteria to be accurate
  • Can be done in a short amount of time
  • Will adjust missing stock

Count all items

Counting all of your stock in one go.

  • Criteria not needed
  • Can take a long time depending on data
  • Will adjust missing stock

Update counted items

Update in small sections but does not handle missing stock.

  • Criteria not needed
  • No timeframe to be completed, can update at anytime
  • Does not adjust missing stock

Manually adjust

When you might just have a few items to stocktake and its easier to just adjust them one by one.

  • Criteria not needed
  • No timeframe to be completed
  • Instant update

Missing Stock

Missing stock is where EVOPOS shows an item as in stock but the item cannot be found, this means that you are unable to count the item and want to adjust the stock to zero. 

Missing stock will only be adjusted if you choose to update all items, if you choose to only update counted items, then it will not adjust missing stock to zero.

Stocktaking Guide

Count items by criteria (location/category)
  1. Reset counted quantities
  2. Set criteria

  3. Scan/count items in criteria

  4. Update all stock for criteria

Count all items 
  1. Reset counted quantities
  2. Scan/count all items

  3. Update all stock

Update counted items
  1. Scan/count items

  2. Update only counted items

Manually adjust

  1. Find item in Items\Stock Items
  2. Click Qty In Stores button to adjust stock

Reset counted quantities

EVOPOS keeps track of your stock take and what you have counted by the counted quantity field on each item.

We reset the counted quantity when starting a new stock take, so all our counted quantities start a zero.

Criteria of what you want to count

Now that you are ready to start counting, you should decide which areas of your stock you want to check. You can choose from the following options:

  • All Stock - Perform a count on your entire stock file.
  • Category - Select a specific Category from the drop-down list.
  • Brand - Select a specific Brand from the drop-down list.
  • Location - Select a specific location from the drop-down list.
  • Location Range - Enter the From and To of a Range
  • Part Number Range - Enter the From and To of a Range

Counting stock

There are different ways we can count stock.

Edit counted quantity list

  1. Choose your criteria
  2. Click the Edit Counted button on the side menu
  3. Enter the counted quantity for each item in the list
  4. Click OK to save

Scanning an item

You can scan the items part number, barcode number or alternate number to count the item.

  1. Navigate to Items\Stock Items\Count
  2. Scan the item
  3. This will count 1
  4. If you scan it again it will count another 1 to make 2 counted

Importing a file

Import files from excel, software and apps.

  1. Navigate to Items\Stock Items\Count
  2. Click the import option
  3. Find your CSV file
  4. Click open to import

Updating stock

This is where we apply the stocktake which will update the stock quantities.

  1. Navigate to Items\Stock Items\Count
  2. Click the Update option
  3. Choose whether to just update counted items or all items
  4. Choose whether to include sales and purchases
  5. Click OK
  6. This will show a list of all the items that will be adjusted
  7. Click Ok to confirm and follow prompts

Using Quantity Codes or Quantity Barcodes

You can enter a Quantity Code in the Part No field to update the quantity. The code is in the format: -Q25 (where -Q is the quantity code and 25 is the quantity counted). We have a sheet of Barcodes available for download on our user portal that have these codes for different quantities as barcodes. This can make the stock take with a barcode scanner much quicker.


We recommend using a laptop on a trolley with a barcode scanner, this way you can scan items directly into EVOPOS and get instant feedback on the item.

Using your Phone/Tablet

There are plenty of stock taking apps for iOS and Android, as long as you are able to export your count to a CSV file, you will be able to import that file into EVOPOS.

iOS counting app: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/counter-free-inventory-barcode/id1100131368?mt=8

Android counting app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sterling.stockcount&hl=en_AU&gl=US


You can check your progress at any time by using either the List button for detailed reports, or the Edit Counted button to check and amend your work.

Recalculate your Year Opening Stock

Once you are sure your Current stock is correct it is possible to Recalculate your Year opening stock by taking your current stock and adjusting for the History since the beginning of the financial year.