Categories and Groups are used in many areas. They are used to organise reporting on Stock and Sales so they are in a logical order.

They can also help us find items when we are not sure of the Part Number.

Categories are especially important if we are going to link your stock to an e-commerce site.

The Hierarchy is Main Group > Sub Group > Category > Item

Each category can have a primary supplier.  It can also be used to ensure every item in that Category has that supplier set.

You can also add and remove Suppliers for stock items for in Items, Stock, Maintenance.

Categories can also have a long description or picture which is normally used in Web-Stores where there is no specific Item long description or picture.

If you attempt to Delete a Category it will check if it has any items still in that category and give you an option to allocate those items to a different category.

You can see how many items are in the selected Category by the Qty displayed just under the grid. You can also see which items are in a Category by selecting the 'List Items' option on the left menu.