EVOPOS creates a checklist out of lines that start with a dash (-) in the entry details.

Checklist items can be marked as completed, this will add the completed details to the end of the checklist item line.

Checklists can be created for any diary entry (jobs, appointments, tasks, calls).

Create a Checklist Item

  1. Navigate to the Details section in the diary entry form
  2. Type in your checklist item like this: - Check for damage
  3. Clicking the Checklist option will now show the new checklist item

Edit a Checklist Item

Simply edit the text for the checklist item in the details section

Delete a Checklist Item

Remove the text from the details section, or just remove the dash (-) if you want to keep the text but remove it from the checklist.

Invoicing Jobs with Checklist

You have the option to hide the checklist details from the invoice, simply choose the Remove Checklist Data option when recalling/invoicing the job:


This should only be done at the time of invoicing, if you remove the checklist data and then save the job, you will lose the checklist details (completed, person, comment).

Checklist Template

Checklists can be included in your template, simply just enter each checklist item with the dash (-) in front.

You can group checklists by adding text in between them, for example:

Major Service


- Check seals

- Replace spark plugs

- Replace oil and filter


- Check chassis

- Check suspension