Contact communication preferences allow you to customise and set communication preferences for each contact, these preferences can be used for consent to contact the customer and to categorise marketing preferences.

Setting Preferences

You can set the preferences when creating a contact or update them at any time.

Creating a Contact

Tick the Set Contact Preferences tick box when creating a new contact.

You can set this to be ticked by default by adjusting the setting in Settings\System\Contacts

Existing Contact

Navigate to the Communication Tab\Contact Preferences\Update Communication Preferences

Setting the Preferences

Tick the options the apply to the customers communication preferences.

Un-ticking consent will un-tick all other options in the column.

Customising Preferences

You are able to add, edit and delete the contact preferences to suit your business.

Click the Preference Options button when viewing a contacts communication preferences to manage contact communication preferences.


We are currently working on providing import options to bulk update contacts communication preferences.


We will provide communication preferences options when exporting files.