Our ATAP integration enables these features:

  • Purchase Order Upload (EDI) - Export a purchase order to a file which you can import into the ATAP website/cart
  • Website Link - When looking up an ATAP product, EVOPOS will display a button that links to the product on their website
  • Price File Import - Import ATAP price file

Purchase Order Upload

EVOPOS Purchase Orders can be uploaded into the ATAP website saving you having to key in the order twice.


  1. Navigate to Contacts
  2. Find you ATAP Supplier contact
  3. Navigate to the Purchase Tab
  4. Enter "ATAP" into the supplier account number field

Purchase Order

  1. When saving your purchase order EVOPOS will automatically select the file option and ATAP as the format
  2. Click Export to export the EDI order file
  3. On the ATAP website select the file browse option
  4. Find the EDI file exported on your computer
  5. Click the File Upload button on the ATAP website

ATAP Website Link

Quickly open the ATAP website to the product you are looking up

  1. Enter an ATAP product number into the Sales screen
  2. Select the ATAP price file in the Edit screen
  3. Click the View Online button to open the web page

Price File Import

Import l price files from ATAP.

  1. Contact EVOPOS AU for the ATAP price file
  2. Navigate to Items\Price Books
  3. Select your ATAP Price book
  4. Click the Maintenance option on the side menu
  5. Choose the Import CSV option
  6. Select the ATAP format you are importing
  7. Select the file
  8. EVOPOS will now import the file.