Settlement Discount is where a discount is offered on condition that the invoice is paid within the customers credit days.

In EVOPOS we allow you to decide on what can be discounted, we do this by a setting on each category, this allows you to only allow give discounts on standard items and not jobs or units.

Customer Setup

To set the settlement discount for a customer:

  1. Navigate to Contacts
  2. Find the customer
  3. Navigate to the Sales tab
  4. Click Edit
  5. Adjust the settlement discount field to the percentage of discount to offer
  6. Adjust the credit days field to how many days the discount is available for
  7. Click Save

Item/Category Setup

To set which categories/items discount is calculated on:

  1. Navigate to Items\Categories
  2. Tick the Allow Settlement Disc checkbox for each category you want to calculate discount on

Settlement Discount Message

A message will be generated at the bottom of the invoice to let the customer know about the discount, this will only show if the customer has a discount percentage set and there is at least one item on the invoice that has a category which allows settlement discount.