About MTD for VAT

VAT Returns that cover transactions created since April 1st 2019 must be uploaded directly to the new government MTD (Making Tax Digital) service.

The MTD system is obligatory for most UK VAT Registered businesses.

You need to sign up for MTD for VAT with HMRC before you can use EVOPOS’s MTD compliant VAT return. HMRC will send you an email within 72 hours confirming they’ve moved you to their MTD service. Once HMRC have confirmed, you can connect EVOPOS to HMRC and access the MTD VAT return. 

Note: You can still file your VAT Returns using the old on-line system for transactions created before 1st April 2019. So the first possible date for an obligatory MTD return would be for a period ending 31 April 2019 which would have to be submitted by the 7th June 2019.

For EVOPOS users the process is quite simple, sign in to your Government Gateway Account to grant authority to EVOPOS and access these features:

  • Submit VAT Return
  • View VAT Return
  • View VAT Liabilities
  • View VAT Payments

How it Works?

EVOPOS prefills your VAT return based on sales and purchase data, you confirm this data and submit the VAT return.

You can also retrieve other VAT information such as liabilities and payments.

Setting Up

Before you can submit a VAT Return via MTD, you will need to:

1. Sign Up for MTD

Ensure you have signed up for MTD with GOV.UK and have the Login Credentials for that service (This is different to the old portal and can take 72 hours from application to implement). Once registered you should have a unique government ID and a password. Note: Once you have registered for the new MTD portal then you will not be able to submit VAT Returns using the old VAT On-Line services portal

To sign up for MTD please follow this guide: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/making-tax-digital-for-vat

2. Ensure you are using a MTD compatible version of EVOPOS

Check the version and build on the top line of the EVOPOS program. It must be: EVOPOS Version 2.09 Build 344 or later.

You can update to the latest version by selecting 'Settings' from the top EVOPOS menu and select 'Update' 

3. Link EVOPOS to HMRC

Sign in to your Government Gateway Account to grant authority to EVOPOS.

This will link the operator that is logged in with the government gateway account.

  1. Navigate to Accounts
  2. Choose the HMRC MTD option for the quick reports drop down list
  3. Click GO
  4. A HMRC web page will open and proceed to sign in
  5. Follow the prompts to grant authority to EVOPOS
  6. When complete the web page will close and you will be able to see the MTD options.

Using the Integration

  1. Navigate to Accounts
  2. Choose the HMRC MTD option for the quick reports drop down list
  3. Click GO
  4. Link EVOPOS to HMRC if applicable
  5. Select an option from the list
  6. Click OK

Submit a VAT Return

We submit VAT return through the VAT obligations.

  1. Choose the Submit VAT Return or View Obligations in the HMRC MTD menu
  2. Choose what VAT obligation you would like to submit
  3. EVOPOS will pre-fill the data as per the obligation dates
  4. Confirm or adjust data
  5. Click Submit to continue
  6. Accept the legal deceleration
  7. Your VAT return will then be submitted.
  8. EVOPOS will then produce the old VAT return report


EVOPOS can show an error message in certain cases if the user is not authorised, or invalid data has been entered.


You might receive this message if your government gateway account is not authorised for this VRN. Please make sure you have signed your business up for MTD and your government gateway account is linked with your VRN.