Our Triumph UK integration enables these features:

  • Upload current inventory levels to Triumph UK for genuine parts.
  • Purchase Order Upload (EDI) - Export a purchase order file from EVOPOS which you can upload to Triumph

Inventory Levels

EVOPOS will get your current inventory levels for genuine Triumph parts based on the brand you choose in the setup, it will export this data and upload to Triumph based on the schedule you create.


  • Triumph Dealer with dealer code
  • EVOPOS Version 2.09.333 or greater


Integration Settings

  1. Navigate to Settings\Integrations
  2. Create a New Integration
  3. Select the format of Triumph UK
  4. Enter your Triumph dealer code
  5. Choose your Triumph brand
  6. Click Save

Setup Schedule

  1. Navigate to Settings\Workstations\Scheduler
  2. Create a New Schedule
  3. Select the Type as Website Sync Items
  4. Choose your Triumph Integration
  5. Set the occurrence to daily
  6. Set the time to run at the end of each day
  7. Click Save

Purchase Order Upload

EVOPOS Purchase Orders can be uploaded into the Triumph UK website.


  1. Navigate to Contacts
  2. Find you Triumph UK Supplier contact
  3. Navigate to the Purchase Tab
  4. Enter "EDITRI" and your dealer number into the supplier account number field. eg: EDITRI12345

Purchase Order

  1. When saving your purchase order EVOPOS will automatically select the file option and Triumph UK as the format
  2. Click Export to export the EDI order file
  3. On the Triumph UK website choose the import order file option and select the file you exported