EVOPOS can upload your service CSI data to BMW.


  • BMW Dealer
  • EVOPOS Version 2.09.294 or greater


Integration Settings

  1. Navigate to Settings\Integrations
  2. Create a New integration and name it BMW Service CSI
  3. Click Edit and choose the format of BMW Australia
  4. Enter your B2B credentials (contact itsupport@bmw.com.au if unknown)
  5. Enter your dealer no
  6. Click Save

Operators Settings

  1. Navigate to Settings\Operators
  2. Select the attributes tab
  3. Click New to add a new attribute
  4. Attribute Name = BMW Service Adviser Number
  5. Fill in their adviser number
  6. Repeat for each mechanic


  1. Navigate to Settings\Workstations\Scheduler
  2. Create a new schedule
  3. Choose the type of Website Orders Sync
  4. Select the BMW integration
  5. Set the occurrence to daily
  6. Set the action time to 1:00AM
  7. Click Save


All files are extracted ti C:\Evopos\Web\ before uploading.