EVOPOS can upload bills and credit notes to Xero when we invoice certain items.

This can be used for:

  • Rebates - Rebates assigned to a unit will upload as credit note in Xero
  • Registration - Registration invoiced to the customer or internally will upload as a bill in Xero
  • Insurance
  • Sub contract labour

Setting Up

To setup we need to link a Xero Account with a stock item and set a supplier.

  1. Navigate to Items\Stock Items
  2. Find or create a stock item
  3. Navigate to the Attributes Tab
  4. Create a New Attribute
  5. Select or enter the type: Xero Purchase
  6. Enter your Xero Account Code in the attribute field
  7. Click OK

  1. Navigate to the Suppliers Tab
  2. Set or add the primary supplier - This will be the supplier used for the bill or credit note in Xero


When you sell an item that has the Xero Account linked, you will be prompted to upload a bill or credit note to Xero.