How it Works

Evopos is able to communicate with your  EKM website through the EKM SOAP API.


Evopos can download EKM Orders into Evopos as Sales Orders.


  • EVOPOS 2.09.264 or greater
  • EKM API key


Evopos will download orders based on a date criteria so orders are not downloaded twice.


The order download can be initiated  manually or on a schedule.


Download Orders

  1. Navigate to Sales\Recall\Sales Orders
  2. Select the Get Web Orders option from the  side menu
  3. Select your EKM website from the drop down list
  4. Click OK to start download


EKM Orders will be imported as Evopos Sales Orders, Evopos will take items out of stock and allocate them to the sales order.


Once your orders have downloaded you would follow Sales Order Processing to invoice and take payment.

Setting Up the Integration

There are two parts to setting up the  integration, firstly we will need to create some EKM API credentials in the WordPress/EKM Admin Panel, we will then enter those credentials into Evopos so that it can communicate with your EKM Website.



Enable the API and generate a API Key.


Evopos Desktop 

  1. Navigate to Settings\Integrations
  2. Create a New Integration and give it a name (EKM)
  3. Set the integration format to EKM
  4. Enter the API Key to the field provided
  5. Click Save

Integration Settings 

Create Items on Site and Store

This setting tells Evopos whether it  should create new items when uploading to EKM and whether to create new  stock items when download orders to Evopos.


Customer Order if not in stock

This enables Evopos to create customer  orders when the item is not in stock when downloading orders from EKM.