Sales can be complicated to import as they comprise of a Header record, any number of Line records and one or more Payment records.

There is and 'Import Sales - CSV' option (for more simple import from other systems), and an 'Import Sales - Evopos' option for importing from one Evopos system to another with all associated records.  

Importing Sales - CSV

  1. Navigate to Accounts / Maintenance
  2. Select Import Sales - CSV
  3. Select the file to import

Notes on Import Sales:

The Import file should be in the following format:

0A 1B 2C 3D 4E 5F 6G 7H 8I 9J 10K 11L 12M
InvNo InvDate CustNo PaymentID PaidDate Qty PartNo Description LineIncl LineTax LineCost ContactName Address1

        ' 0 A           1 B               2 C        3 D          4 E            5 F     6 G         7 H                  8 I         9 J       10 K         11 L                  12 M
        'InvNo   |InvDate        |CustNo|PaymtID|PaidDate      |Qty |PartNo |Description      |LineIncl|LineTax|LineCost|ContactName|ContactAdd1
        '123455|22-Jan-2015|             |0            |                    |1     |BALBF |BALANCE BF |100.00  |0.00     |100.00  |SMITH,PETER|1 ANY STREET
        '123456|22-Jan-2015|456789 |1            |22-Jan-2015|1     |ABC12 |WIDGET         |22.00    |2.00     |15.00    |                        |
        '123456|                    |             |              |                     |1     |ABC99 |WIDGET         |44.00    |4.00     |25.00    |                        |

Every line in the Import file must have the Invoice (Transaction) Number in the first column.

If there is a CustNo the system will check the Evopos Contacts for that number and use that, if not it will check Contacts for the Name and Add1 in the last 2 columns

The Payment ID can be 0 for Not Paid, or a Payment ID as set in Evopos (Normally 1 for Cash)

If there are multiple lines for an Invoice Number it will use the Contact details and date from the first record. The lines must also be in InvNo order. After importing all the lines for an Inv No the system should re-calculate the totals in the Header record from the sum of the Transaction Lines.  

You can import just the Debtors by using a format similar to line 1 (Or preferably with CustNo)