Our autoVHC integration allows you to sync your workshop diary with autoVHC.


You will need your autoVHC FTP details to setup the integration.

  1. Navigate to Settings\Integration's
  2. Create a New Integration and name it autoVHC
  3. Choose the Format of autoVHC
  4. Enter your FTP Details
  5. Click Save.


You can manually send the data to autoVHC or setup a schedule to run automatically.

To run manually:
  1. Navigate to Weblink
  2. Choose the autoVHC Integration
  3. Click Update

To setup a schedule:
  1. Navigate to Settings\Workstation\Scheduler
  2. Create a new schedule
  3. Choose the type of Web Sync Items
  4. Select the autoVHC integration
  5. Choose the occurrence (We recommend once a day)
  6. Click Save.

How It Works

EVOPOS will get a list of all your jobs booked into the diary for the next day that have not been uploaded, it will then create a CSV file and send it to autoVHC.

EVOPOS will only upload jobs that have a contact and unit set.


  • autoVHC FTP Details
  • Evopos Version 2.09.242 or greater
  • Internet Connection