Our Verifone integration enables you to connect Evopos with your Verifone Terminal.

This enables Evopos to pass the transaction or payment amount to the terminal giving increased security and efficiency.

Supported Terminal

  • Verifone VX series with Ethernet connection

Required Credentials

  • Terminal IP Address
  • Terminal Username & Password
  • Account ID

Setting Up

We need to enter the credentials for the Verifone terminal so Evopos can communicate with it.

  1. Navigate to Settings\Integrations
  2. Create a New Integration and give it a name eg: (Verifone Terminal Front Counter)
  3. Select the Verifone Terminal option from the format drop down list
  4. Enter the terminal credentials
  5. Enter the ID's of the workstations you wish to connect to this terminal separated by a comma eg: 1,3,12
    1. You can find the workstation ID by navigating to Settings\Workstations
    2. Select the drop down list next to the workstation heading
    3. The ID field will be displayed for each workstation
  6. Select the payment method for the terminal (Cards)
  7. Click Save