Shipping Consignments allow you to track items you send through shipping carriers.

The shipping consignment is created by adding a shipping line to the transaction, this line can be used to charge shipping/postage/freight to the customer.

You are able to record what items have been sent, carrier information and a tracking number.

The consignment can be printed and sent with the goods.

Creating a Shipping Consignment

  1. Enter your shipping item into the sales form (see below for info on shipping items).
  2. You will be presented with the Shipping Consignment form
  3. Fill in the details and set what items will be shipped
  4. Click Save when you have finished
  5. This will add the consignment to the transaction

Looking up a Shipping Consignment

You can lookup shipping consignments to track the parcel and view details

  1. Navigate to Sales\Options\Consignments
  2. Find the consignment by tracking number or consignment number
  3. Double click to View Consignment

Shipping Items

Shipping items are special non stock items we use to create shipping consignments and sell shipping/postage/freight.

To create a shipping item, go to Items\Stock Items\New and choose the Item type of Shipping.