How It Works

EVOPOS allows you to book parts, labour and non stock items as an internal costs or credits against a unit.

You can use this for:

  • PD / Pre delivery
  • Refurbishment / Recondition
  • Warranty
  • Rebates

You have a method of costing option allowing you to set retail or cost and markups.

Internal transactions do not effect sales or tax figures.

Processing Internal Transaction

  1. Build your transaction in the sales screen as per usual, you can enter jobs, items etc.
  2. Select the Finish option
  3. Select the Internal option on the left menu
  4. There are 3 options for Sales Units
  5. After selecting one of the option you will have a field to enter the stock no
  6. Enter or search for the unit you wish to book the internal transaction to
  7. Select you method of costing.
  8. Click Save


You can see any pre/post sale expenses in Items\Units.

You can also produce a report for each unit listing all the pre/post sale expenses.