If there is a manufacturer rebate being paid to you (the Dealer) for the Unit being sold, there are 2 ways of processing it.

  • We can sell the unit for the normal price and then add a Rebate Given part number (as a negative value)
  • We can sell the unit for the reduced price and then Book the Rebate Given part number (as a negative value) using Sales / Finish / Internal / Book to Sales Unit Pre-sale (Best to do prior to invoicing or else the cost value on the Unit Invoice will not be updated)

  1. Enter your rebate item into the sales screen
  2. Click Finish then Internal
  3. Choose the Sale Units option and then find the stock number you want assign the rebate to
  4. Click Save to finalise

In both cases we would also create a Sales Invoice to the Manufacturer using a Rebate Claimed part number (as a positive figure). This would normally be put on account and then, to track it, when the manufacturer pays it we can mark as Paid (Direct Deposit if paid direct into bank, or Supplier Account if to be off-set against other invoices)