Evopos has 3 features within our KTM integration.

  • KTM Price File - Import KTM pricing
  • EDI Ordering - Upload Order file to KTM Australia
  • KTM Web EPC - Lookup KTM parts and fitment using online parts fiche


Evopos can pull information from the public KTM web EPC, there are 4 ways you can access the web EPC.
  • Sales -  Create a pick list and import it directly into Evopos.
  • Sales - Part fitment/usage lookup
  • Stock Items - Part fitment/usage lookup
  • Units - Lookup unit by VIN

Sales Picklist

  • Type EPCKTM into the sales screen to display the EPC

Sales Fitment/Usage

  1. Enter a KTM part into sales - (KTM Part must have the brand set tot KTM)
  2. Select the Fitment tab in the top right hand side
  3. Select the Web EPC option
  4. Evopos EPC will open with a page displaying the fitment list.

Unit lookup by VIN

  1. Find a KTM unit in Unit Main Details (Make must be KTM)
  2. Select the Fitment tab in the bottom right
  3. Click the Web EPC option

KTM Price File


Download from KTM Dealer Net web site.

Evopos uses the OPEA format for importing the KTM price file.

Discount codes can be obtained from KTM.


Download from Evopos Portal.

EDI Ordering - KTM Australia

Evopos can export your purchase order into a file which you can then upload to KTM.


  1. Navigate to Contacts
  2. Find your KTM Australia contact
  3. Navigate to the purchase tab
  4. Type AUKTM into the supplier account number field
  5. Click Save

Export the Order

  1. Create the Purchase order in Evopos as normal.
  2. When you save a Purchase Order the default option should be ‘Send to File’ and a file will be created eg: C:\Evopos\Orders\PO_0.txt
  3. You can then select the Upload Order file option from the KTM Dealer web site.