What is Hire Control?

The Hire Control module enables you process and control Hire units, Demonstrators and Courtesy vehicles. The Hire module has seamless integration with your contact and unit data to enable you to have full control and simplify how you work.

Using this module you can:

  • Monitor your current contracts.
  • View a detailed contract history for both units and customers.
  • Split contracts to allow customers to switch hire units.
  • Produce professionally designed contracts
  • Produce safety information reports.
  • Automate Invoicing

Initial Setup

A bit of initial setup will help on reporting of Hire Income

  • Name one of the Departments for Hire Sales - Use one of the Departments from 2 to 6 that are not being used and ensure it starts with 'HIRE'. You can set in Settings / System / Sales / Departments. This will enable sales reports by Department to show revenue from Hires. See the¬†Departments¬†topic for more information on setting this up.
  • Name one of you Stock Categories for Hire Sales - Ensure there is a Category starting with 'HIRE'. You can set in Items / Categories. This will enable sales reports by Category or Group Category to show revenue from Hires.
  • Ensure the Hires option is on the top menu - Ensure you have the Hire Module licensed (see Settings / Licence). If still not showing select Settings / System / Security and ensure the Menu option(s) are ticked for the appropriate security level

Creating Hire Units

Any unit main detail record can be setup as a hire unit.

To do this:

  1. Go to Items > Units and find the Unit you want to hire out.
  2. Then click Main Detail and then Edit to make changes.
  3. Now click on the Hire Tab and tick the Hire Unit box. You can also add more information such as Default Daily rate, Last service Date, Last safety check date and current condition details. (See image below)


Once you have finished editing all the Hire information, click Save to finalise it. You can now use the Unit as a hire unit.

Creating a Contract

Select Hires from the top menu and select New from the left menu to create a new contract. Then select the customer for the Hire (or create a new Contact record) and then select Return.

The Customer details relate to the contact record you selected at the beginning. You can add more relevant information in the fields provided. These fields are all optional and are only required if they are relevant to the hire contract.

The Unit Details allow you to allocate a specific Unit to the contract. You can edit the condition if it has changed since the last hire was completed.

The Contract Details relate to the general details for the hire such as the date range, type of hire, or Pay Rate (Per). Pay rates include:

  • HOUR - Rate per hour rounded up to the nearest Hour
  • DAY - Rate per Day rounded up to the nearest Day
  • WEEK - Rate per Day rounded up to the nearest Day
  • FORTNIGHT - Rate per Day rounded up to the nearest Day
  • MONTH - Rate per Day rounded up to the nearest Day
  • YEAR - Rate per Day rounded up to the nearest Day
  • EVERY WEEK - This is the Rate per Week even if the Contact term is for a much longer period
  • EVERY MONTH - This is the Rate per Month even if the Contact term is for a much longer period

The EVERY WEEK and EVERY MONTH rates are normally for a long term contracts where you invoice each WEEK or MONTH. In these cases the Last Invoiced To Date is updated each time you invoice and the period being invoiced is detailed on the Invoice.

You can manually change the status between CURRENT, COMPLETED or CANCELED although normally the status will be automatically changed to COMPLETED when the hire is Invoiced (see also above).

You can also add notes to remind you of other agreed terms. The hire costs by determined date ranges, outline any deposit taken, or set any extra fees.You can also view the last invoice details if applicable.

Once you have entered the required information you would normally select Contract to print the contract and then select Save

NOTE: The Last Safety and Last Service fields can be updated automatically by booking Internal jobs to the Hire Unit. The Job Template needs to be named HIRESAFE and HIRESER respectively. See Job Templates topic for more information.

Booking Items/Extras

You are able to assign items to the contract similar to how you can assign items to a job card.

This can been done through choosing the New button within the Hire Contract Items tab or through the Sales screen by choosing Finish\Book to Hire Contract.

Items are allocated through an internal sales order, this means they will show under allocated to sales orders when viewing the item in stock items.

Splitting Contracts

Splitting a contract allows you to separate a hire contract if there is a difference in price or date range for the same customer. When you choose this option, Evopos duplicates the contact details and unit details onto another new contract. You can then set the new date range and add a price as normal.

Once you have split a contract, you will have two contract records on your list. These can both be invoiced separately if required.

Printable Reports

  • Contract - Prints a copy of the Hire contract for you or your customer
  • Safety - Print a safety checklist for examining the Hire Unit
  • History - Print a list of all Hire contracts for the selected contact.
  • List - Print a list of all outstanding Hire contracts (this is on the main Hires screen).


To Invoice a Hire select Sales from the top Menu. You can then either:

  1. Select Recall from the left menu, ensure Hires is selected on the top (You can select the default in Settings / Workstations / Default Sales Recall option) and then select the appropriate Hire
  2. Enter -H (Minus H) in the lookup number field. A window will appear which lists all the outstanding Hire contracts that have not been invoiced in the last 6 days. Select the one you want to invoice and click OK.
  3. Enter -H999 in the lookup number field where 999 is the Contract Number.

This should enter the Hire details on the Transaction with the appropriate information.


If there were any Extras the Extras description should be included and the Extras price included in the Total

If the Hire Type is set to Subscription the description should be 'Subscription - Contract No: 999' otherwise it should be 'Hire - Contract No: 999'

When you Invoice a Hire it will normally automatically prompt mark the Hire Contract status to 'COMPLETE' just before printing the Invoice

If it is a Long Contact (eg rate: EVERY WEEK or EVERY MONTH) it will only prompt to mark 'COMPLETE' when reaching the end of the Contract Term