Packages can be used when multiple items and units are sold as a Package under one package price.

Set up a Package

  1. Navigate to Items\Stock Items
  2. Create a Stock Item for a Package eg: Part No: .KMOWER35 Description: John Deere 35hp Tractor mower package, Package Sell: 39,995.00
  3. Select the Action tab and create a new action with an appropriate Name, Type: Kit-Kit Priced, and Include Original ticked.
  4. Then in 'Items for Action', select the 'New' button add the part numbers for the various units and/or parts.

Sell a package

  1. Navigate to Sales
  2. Enter the Kit Part No eg: . KMOWER35. This should bring up the Package details with the package price, and then list all the items that go to make it up (without prices shown).
  3. We can then produce an Estimate, Sales Order (Contract), or convert to an Invoice.

Note: Before invoicing any Units must be Allocated their specific Unit with the correct serial number, you can do this by highlighting the line in Sales and select Edit, then select 'Change Unit' from Edit screen.

If we want to add or remove items and then change the Package price, we should first add or remove lines, and then select 'Options', 'Set Package / Kit for current Transaction' and select the Package line.


In the Marine Industry boats are often sold as a package of Boat + Outboard + Trailer + Various accessories such as Anchor and safety equipment.