Evopos can connect with Neto to upload inventory information and download orders.



  • Neto API Key
  • Internet connection
  • Evopos Version 2.09.120 or greater


In our setup we will need to grab information from Neto and enter that into Evopos.

  1. In Neto generate an API key (Go to your Neto Control Panel > admin > system setup > api)
  2. In Evopos navigate to Settings\Integration's
  3. Create a new integration and select Neto from the format drop down
  4. Enter your Neto URL and API Key
  5. Click Save

Syncing with Neto

Evopos will sync your inventory with Neto as well as download any orders, it uses date criteria to manage downloads and efficiency.

Evopos uses the Neto Date Placed field to download orders, it will get all the orders that match the date criteria from the last time you downloaded orders. For example if we run the sync on Monday 10am and then on Wednesday, Evopos will get all the orders placed between that time.

Evopos will update inventory on Neto based if the item is flagged as a web store item and whether the item has been modified since you last performed a sync with Neto. Evopos will update the modified date or an item when it is sold, purchased or edited.

Evopos is only able to update 1 warehouse within Neto, you will have to specify the warehouse ID in the settings.