Bennetts Classified Website ( is a FREE site where UK dealers can publish their Motorcycles for sale.

Evopos can be configured to automatically upload New and Used Units to the site. There is no charge for this service from Bennetts or Evopos.

The steps required include:

  1. Setting up an account with Bennetts Classified.
  2. Adding Unit details to Evopos.
  3. Configuring the connection settings in Evopos.
  4. Using Evopos to update the Bennetts Classified site.

Step 1 – Setting up a Bennetts Classified account.

Firstly, navigate to and complete the simple online registration form.

Important: Make sure that you select Evopos as your DMS System (see image below). This will make sure that the correct FTP details are emailed to you once you have completed the registration process.

Once you have registered, you will get an email with your FTP connection details; you will need to add this information to Evopos. We will cover this in step 3.

Step 2 – Adding Unit details to Evopos.

Before uploading any Units, you will need to make sure the Unit information is correct in your Evopos system.

To do this, go to Items >> Stock Items and search for each Unit part number you want to list online (.N or .U). Then click Edit and populate the following fields with the correct information:

Sell (Inc Tax)

Displays your selling price on the classified site.


This is your advert title.


This shows the Unit make on the advert.

Long Description

This is important as it populates the detailed information on the advert.

Web Store

When ticked, the Unit will be displayed on the classified site.


Under the General tab, you can add up to six images per Unit.

Note: All other fields are optional as they don’t affect the listing on Bennetts Classified.

Step 3 – Configuring the settings in Evopos.

In Evopos, go to Settings >> Divisions and add your company information to the available fields.

Full Name should be your company name.

Details should display your full address in the first four fields, followed by your telephone number and fax number separated by a comma in the fifth field.

Now go to Settings >> Websites and click New to create a new website. When prompted, change the name of the new website to Bennetts and click OK.

Select Bennetts Classified as the site format from the drop down box.

Lastly, input the connection details you received from Bennetts after completing the online registration form in step 1.

Account No

Your Evopos customer number (Contact UK support to obtain this)

FTP Address

This should always be FTP://

FTP User

Shown on the email sent by Bennetts

FTP pass code

Shown on the email sent by Bennetts

Click Save on the left hand side to confirm the changes and finish the configuration process.

Step 4 – Using Evopos to update the site.

Now that both systems are set up, and your Units are ready to be listed, we can now look at how to update Bennetts using Evopos. This process should be used every time you want to amend the Units listed on the site.

Firstly, go to Web Link in the top main menu. (If you can’t see Web Link, please contact UK support).

Then select Bennetts from the drop down box at the top.

Now click Update on the left hand side. The system will upload the Unit information and the images to the Bennetts site. This information is retrieved by Bennetts every hour, so check your account regularly to view your listings online.

Important: If you want to remove Units from the listings, you have to un-tick the Web Store box in Items >> Stock Items before updating the site.

Automatically update your Bennetts listings.

You can also use the Scheduler to update your Bennetts listings automatically. Please see the Scheduler topic for more information.