Evopos can have any number of 'Stores' (Groups of stock Items). These allow you to have different Stock Quantities, Prices, Locations etc.

Common examples include:

Different Stores on the same database

This could be a separate Warehouse, or Mobile shop (Van), or you may want to separate the Clothing stock from the Parts stock. For example: a Motorcycle Dealership may have a van with a set amount of stock to be used at race meetings, or a hotel may have 4 separate bars and a bottle shop which could be separate Stores. Different Stores can be used in conjunction with different Divisions as you can set a default Store for each Division, This enables you to report on different Divisions and swap between them (Alt+F2). this for operating different trading names with different stock, but all under the one entity or Tax Number. Or you can just change stores within the Sales or Stock Item screens


Different Stores run on a separate database

You can access a Store on a different database, for example to see the stock at different Branches. To set this up we would create a Remote Stock Store in Settings / System / Stores and set the connection details to the Main store at remote Branch. Note: The Remote store would need to be set up so it can be accessed over the internet (Static IP etc - See General / Connecting to a database over the Internet.

We can also maintain multiple Stores on an HQ database, which can update to any Branch databases using the Evopos HQ Module. Each Branch would connect into the HQ Database, update the Sales (Under the appropriate Division), then update the appropriate store at HQ with the latest Stock Quantities, then update any new or modified details in the HQ store for that Branch to the Branch store.

We can have different ordering criteria for each store so we would set the store before ordering or inputting stock. Note all stores on the same database share the central: Categories, Alternate numbers, Price Levels and Actions.

You can also have multiple Price Books. These are normally lists of items from different suppliers to enable you to update prices and special order items not normally stocked for customers