Electronic Parts Catalogues (often called EPCs or Electronic Fiche) are applications where you can look up a Part Number from an exploded parts diagram.

EVOPOS can integrate with many suppliers EPCs.  Please contact Customer Service if the format required is not shown in the following sections, and we can normally implement it for you.

How it works

Most EPCs have the ability to send a 'Pick List' file of the items selected to a file, normally when you select an option such as 'Send to DMS' or 'Export'. EVOPOS can then process this file and automatically enter the items as sales lines on a Sales Transaction (Estimate, Sales Order, Invoice or Book to Job).


  1. Select Settings from the top menu and then Workstations from the top row of Tabs
  2. Under the Sales tab the EPC Settings are near the bottom   Change to:  Under the Sales Options tab the EPC Settings (Sales Imports) is shown at bottom of screen - See screen shot below
  3. Click Edit
  4. Enter the file location where the EPC or other program saves the file. If you leave this blank EVOPOS will prompt you to open the file.
  5. Select the format from the drop down list, if the format is not there contact EVOPOS customer service.
  6. Click Save


  1. Ensure EVOPOS is open and go to the sales screen
  2. Press the [Enter] key on the empty part number entry box, EVOPOS will check for the existence of any of the file(s) specified in the setup. When in test program tried this and nothing shown and finish icon highlighted to click?
  3. If EVOPOS finds a file EVOPOS will prompt if you want to Customer Order any items you do not have in stock
  4. It will then add any items in that file to the current transaction

Evopos EPC

In addition to this, both EVOPOS Desktop, and the EVOPOS E-Commerce solution (so your customers can order genuine parts from your web site), have an integrated EPC built in which can access the data directly from the supplier via an 'API' or 'Web Service'. If your supplier offers an API service we can implement this for you.