Setting up

  1. In Evopos, select Contacts, select the contact record for the Supplier on the Purchase order and select the ‘Purchase’ tab
  2. Set the Account number in the specific format detailed below:
  3. EDIKAWAU followed by AccountNo padded out to 10 digits with spaces and then Passcode
  4. eg: EDIKAWAU12345678 9999 (Where 12345678 is your account no with Kawasaki, followed by 2 spaces to make 10. And 9999 is the pass-code)
  5. The file will be created as:C:\KAWORDERS\KAWAORD.SND

You can also set your default order Type eg: Stock or Emergency. You can change when producing the Purchase Order.

Creating and Sending the Purchase Order EDI File

  1. Create the Purchase order in Evopos as normal
  2. Before you save confirm the Order Type eg: Stock or Emergency (You can set the default in Contacts / Purchases (as above))
  3. Select Save. If the setting up was done correctly (as above) then the default option on the Purchase Order Print screen should be ‘Send to File’ and the correct format selected.
  4. When you select Ok the file should be created