Our BRP integration allows EVOPOS to integrate with the BRP Boss Net website to upload purchase orders and download pick lists from the EPC.

Setting Up EDI Order

To enable the BRP Boss EDI Ordering system bring up the name you will be ordering under in Contacts, select the Purchases tab

In Account Number enter: EDIBOSS and then your BRP Account Number.

You can also set your default order Type eg: Stock or Emergency. You can change when producing the Purchase Order.

Creating & Upload Purchase Orders

  1. Create the Purchase Order as normal.
  2. When when saving, the option should automatically be set to Export the Order.
  3. Evopos will create a file containing the Order Details (Normally in C:\EVOPOS\ORDERS ).
  4. You can then go into BRP Boss web site, select Parts / Regular Order Entry. Select the Upload icon (normally an icon of a computer screen, about the 3rd one from the left), then select 'Browse' and select the file created above.

Setting Up EPC Picklist Import

  1. In EVOPOS navigate to Settings\Workstations\Sales Options
  2. Click Edit and set the format to PartSmart
  3. You can set a location if you always save the picklist in the same location, otherwise you can leave it blank and EVOPOS will prompt you to select the file.

Importing an EPC Picklist

  1. Add parts to your EPC picklist
  2. View the picklist and choose the Export CSV option
  3. Save file onto your PC
  4. In EVOPOS navigate to Sales
  5. Press the enter key on the keyboard
  6. EVOPOS will now prompt you to find the file if it cannot find it automatically
  7. Click OK to import the picklist
  8. Choose whether to customer order items that are not in stock