Our Fowlers Parts integration enables you to place orders with Fowlers directly through Evopos, you can also query Fowlers parts to retrieve availability and pricing.


  • Fowlers account and credentials
  • Internet connection
  • Evopos Version 2.09.120 or greater


  1. In Evopos navigate to Settings\Integration's
  2. Create a new integration and select Fowlers from the format drop down
  3. Enter your Fowlers credentials
  4. Click Save

EDI Stock Ordering

We can place stock orders with Fowlers in two ways:

  • Purchase order can be sent electronically to Fowlers
  • Purchase order can be exported to CSV and imported into Fowlers website


  1. Navigate to Items\Orders
  2. Create or Edit an order for Fowlers
  3. Click Order or Save
  4. Evopos will select the file option if setup correctly

  5. Click Ok
  6. This will export the order file
  7. You will then be prompted to send the order electronically (if setup).

  8. Click Yes to send the order
  9. Evopos will confirm with the Fowlers order code

Customer Ordering

If customer ordering you can import a Fowlers CSV file into the Sales screen to process as a customer order.


  1. Navigate to Settings\Workstations
  2. Click Edit
  3. Under the Sales Import section select Fowlers Website from the format drop down
  4. Enter this C:\Evopos\Orders\Fowlers.csv into the file path text box

  5. Click Save


  1. On the Fowlers website choose the Download for Evopos option

  2. Save the file into the location you set in settingsĀ C:\Evopos\Orders\Fowlers.csv
  3. In Evopos navigate to the sales screen
  4. Press the enter key and confirm whether to import the file

  5. You will then be prompted to customer order where not in stock
  6. And finally the lines are imported