The Organiser allows you to create new entries for Jobs, Appointments, Holidays, Sickness and Tasks.

To Create a New Entry you can either select New (on the left menu) and then select the type of entry from the Tabs on the top, Or you can 'Double click' the Person (and Time).

This will bring up an Organiser Add / Edit window. There are 4 tabs at the tops of this window for different Types of Entry eg: Job, Appointment, Absence and Task. By selecting one of these you will determine what kind of entry you are creating.

You would first normally select the Contact by entering the first few letters of their name and pressing enter (or click on the magnifying glass).

If it is a Job it will then show all Units that are linked to that Contact for easy selection. Or you can enter a Unit manually if it is not linked and it will automatically Link it. Alternatively you could enter the Unit first and it should automatically set the Linked Contact. The default default Job Template will also be selected (With a Job Code of: Default - If that Template exists). Note: You would normally set the Default Template with a generic type description such as Labour (Per Hour), the Labour to your standard labour rate, the Estimated Hours to your minimum or most common labour time (say 1 Hour), and ensure 'Fixed' is un-ticked so if you change the Invoiced Hours it will multiply the Labour Rate. Or you could create or select another Job Template. Templates are great for saving typing as you can have a range of templates to cover your common Jobs with a detailed 'Story' and even automated parts. You can manually add specific requirements to the end of the 'Story'. See Job Templates for more information.

When the Details are completed select on of the Save options on the Left Menu.