The Organiser is grouped calendar that enables you manage Workshop Jobs, Appointments, Holidays, Sickness and Tasks for all of your staff members.


The Organiser has multiple views, allowing you to view the calendar by day, week, month and list. Simply choose the desired option from the side menu to change the view.

You can set the default view for each operator in Settings\Operators.

Merge Calendar option allows you to merge multiple staff calendars into one.

Teams & Staff

By default the organiser will load the view and team based on the operator settings, this allows you to segment your staff into their respective teams, and show that team when they open the Organiser.

Creating New Entries

To create a new entry in the calendar, we can either double click on a time slot or day in the calendar view, or click the New option on the side menu.

Tip: Double clicking a time slot in the calendar chooses both the staff member and date time.

This will display the entry form where we can choose between a job, appointment, absence or task. Choosing the desired tab will then update the options available for that entry type.

Editing Existing Entries

Simply double click on the entry or row you would like to edit, this will display the entry form with all the existing details.

Drag & Drop

You are able to drag and drop calendar entries around the calendar, from different staff members and different time slots.

You are also able to drag rows from the bottom list into the calendar, allowing you to quickly reschedule entries.

Workshop Jobs

A key part of the organiser and EVOPOS is our job control, this feature enables you to manage jobs within the organiser, giving you a clear view of your bookings, jobs being worked on and jobs in waiting.

To learn more about workshop jobs click here.


Just like any calendar you can create appointments, you can set a time, contact, subject, details, status and priority.


The absence type enables you to record when staff are sick or on holidays, this blocks out the calendar ensuring other entries cannot be booked for the same time.


A task can be created through the calendar but is not displayed on the calendar, as the name suggests it is used to set and assign individual tasks.