Ready to start selling online with Evopos eCommerce? Great, we are here to help!

Step 1 - Talk to us

Let us know your plan and we can take you through the starting steps.

Our knowledge base is full of articles that guide you through each step, if you have any questions just send us an email. 

Step 2 - Database Configuration

Evopos eCommerce connects to your local Evopos database, we need to configure some settings on your server so we have access to your database.

After we have done this you will be able to view your website using a custom Evopos domain, you will also have access to Evopos Cloud for adjusting settings and integration's.

Step 3 - Products & Categories

Having great looking products and a simple category navigation is vital.

We recommend that all of your products have at least 1 image, you can also add additional content to improve you SEO.

Your category structure should be logical and descriptive, we recommend that your categories contain more than 3 products. You can look at other similar eCommerce website for inspiration.

Step 4 - Website Design & Style

Evopos eCommerce has some basic styling settings which you can adjust, we also offer a custom design service where the site can be fully customized to meet your requirements, contact us regarding a quote and more information.

Step 5 - Payments & Shipping

PayPal is the provider of choice for most eCommerce solutions, PayPal allows you to pay using your PayPal account as well as credit or debit cards.

Shipping settings are important, we recommend offering free standard shipping and express shipping. You can also enable international shipping for overseas customers.

Step 6 - Domain & SSL

Configure your domain name and SSL certificate so your website is secure.

Step 6 - SEO & Site Submission

Your website is ready to go, we need to let Google and the other search engines know about it!