Our Google integration allows Evopos eCommerce to communicate with 3 popular Google Products.

Google Analytics allows you to track visitors and their behavior on Evopos eCommerce.

Google Webmaster allows you to verify your website and submit a sitemap.

Google Adwords allows you advertise locally and attract customers, sales can then been recorded as conversions allowing you to see your ROI.

Google Analytics

  1. Sign up or login to Google Analytics:
  2. Under Admin select or create your property
  3. Navigate to Property Settings
  4. Copy the Tracking ID (UA-00000000-0)
  5. Login to Evopos Cloud and navigate to:
  6. Paste your Tracking ID into the text box and click Save

Search Settings

You can set search settings in Google Analytics to receive data on what your visitors are searching for.

  1. Login to Google Analytics
  2. Under Admin select your property
  3. Navigate to View Settings
  4. Turn on Site Search Tracking
  5. Enter "q" in the query parameter and click Save

eCommerce Tracking

Evopos eCommerce will pass order data to Google Analytics, you just need to turn on the setting.

  1. In Google Analytics navigate to the admin section
  2. Select the eCommerce Settings option under the view
  3. Turn the eCommerce Status On
  4. Save

Google Webmaster / Verification

You can set a meta tag within Evopos eCommerce to verify your website and use the webmaster tools.

  1. Login to Google Webmaster
  2. Edit or Create a site property
  3. Go to the verification details
  4. Use the META Tag option for verification
  5. Copy the content part of the META tag: meta name="google-site-verification" content="IFn8jfFlxs1Ed0LzhUl2xQJAdm2erEaBnhpoXrxM-2Y"
  6. Paste this into Evopos Cloud
  7. Click Save

Google Adwords

Evopos eCommerce can pass order data to Google Adwords.
  1. Login to Google Adwords
  2. Select Tools from the menu and then conversions
  3. Create a new conversion and select website
  4. Give your conversion a name (eg eCommerce Sale)
  5. Under the value section, enter the amount 100.01 under amount may vary. This amount is important as it will be replaced by the total amount of the order

  6. Save your Conversion

  7. Login to Evopos Cloud and navigate to:

  8. Paste your Tracking Tag into the text box and click Save