Evopos always aims to make the sale as fast and simple as possible. We encourage the use of barcodes especially when the customers are selecting (bringing you) the products they wish to buy.

Using barcodes can make the sale ultra simple. In addition to part barcodes Evopos has unique features to be able to select the Operator, Customer, Parts and Payment method using barcodes.

Pre-configured codes that can be bar-coded include:

  • -O999 = Operator Code (Where 999 is the operator pass-code)
  • -C99999 = Contact Code (Where 99999 is the contact Customer No)
  • -J99999 = Job Code (Where 99999 is the Job No)
  • -S99999 = Stock No Code (Where 99999 is the Unit Stock No)
  • -F9 = Finish Sale Code (Where 9 is the Payment Method ID)

The combination of barcoded stock and barcodes for pre-configured codes enables a sale to be processed from start to finish without even touching a keyboard or mouse.