Our Giant Bicycles integration allows you to post your inventory levels and submit sales notifications to Giant.


You will need your Giant Account No to setup the integration.

  1. Navigate to Settings\Integration's
  2. Create a New Integration and name it Giant
  3. Choose the Format of Giant Bicycles
  4. Enter your Giant Account No
  5. Choose your Giant Brand from the drop down list
  6. Set the last updated date to today
  7. Click Save.

Item Setup

Ensure your items have the brand set to Giant.

Unit Setup

If you handle your bicycles as units Evopos is able to submit the frame number within the sales notification.

To do this your unit stock item will need to have the brand set to Giant and it must use the Giant part number instead of the part no created or generated by Evopos (eg .NBIKE). 


You can manually send the data to Giant or setup a schedule to run automatically.

To run manually:
  1. Navigate to Weblink
  2. Choose the Giant Integration
  3. Click Update

You can also do this from the integration Settings and Sales\Recall\Get Web Orders.

To setup a schedule:
  1. Navigate to Settings\Workstation\Scheduler
  2. Create a new schedule
  3. Choose the type of Web Sync Items
  4. Select the Giant integration
  5. Choose the occurrence (We recommend once a day)
  6. Click Save.

How It Works


Evopos gets a list of all the products in your main store by the brand you have set in settings. It will then submit the full list of your inventory to Giant.

Sales Notification

Evopos gets a list of all your sales lines with the brand of Giant, this list uses a date criteria so it will only get sales made since you last submitted a sales notification.


  • Giant Dealer Account No
  • Evopos Verision 2.09.111 or greater
  • Internet Connection