Our Prospects & Leads section allows you track and manage all of your interactions with each contact in a detailed list.

Prospects are potential or existing customers that are qualified to purchase a product or service.

Leads are new opportunities that are not yet qualified.


Each contact has a status which determines what stage they are at.

  • New - For new leads that have been imported or entered into EVOPOS
  • Contacted - When you have contacted the new lead
  • Connected - When you have connected with the lead
  • Open - When the lead is qualified and becomes a prospect
  • Closing - When the prospect has been quoted and is going ahead
  • Customer - When the prospect has been invoiced
  • Unqualified - If the lead is unqualified


The subject is a brief description of what the prospect is interested in.


The summary is a description of the prospect that should include key details that are helpful to establish a good relationship and give any user an understanding of the prospect and their needs.


The value or revenue generated by winning a deal with the prospect


Target Date - A target of when the prospect becomes a customer.

Origin Date - The date of when the contact became a prospect

Last Event - The date of the last interaction with the prospect

Next Event - The date of the next event for the prospect


An event is a way to record an interaction with the prospect, or an event that relates to a quote or deal.

Events can be created manually through the New Event button, they are also triggered when saving a quote or updating a deal.

You can easily create a follow up Task when saving an event.


Depending on your business type and sales process will determine the workflow you use to manage your prospects & leads.


You can create a prospect in 3 different ways:

  • Manually create in CRM\Prospects
  • Import from file or integration
  • You are prompted when saving a quote


  1. Click the new button in CRM\Prospects
  2. Choose a contact
  3. Enter the event details and set other fields.


We update the prospect through adding events, you can also update the prospect manually by editing any of the fields.