Prospects are what we call potential or existing customers that have shown a particular interest in a product or service.

The idea is that we document and update an overview summary of the prospect, detailing relevant information, and then record each communication or stage relating to this as an Prospect Action.

This enables us to have the data required to track progress and produce a range of useful reports.

New Prospects or new Prospect Actions

There are several way to record a new Prospect or a Prospect Action

•In Contacts - Select 'New Action' and then select 'Prospect Action'

•In CRM - Select the 'Prospects' tab and select 'New'. If a current Prospect is found for the selected Contact, it will use that, otherwise it will create a new Prospect.

•Create an Estimate / Quote - On the Finish screen of an Estimate you can ensure the Create Prospect check box is ticked. You can set the default for this in Settings / System / Sales and set Estimate Save Option to 'Prompt to add 


If it is a new Contact, then it is very important that sufficient details are taken. These would normally include Name, Greeting, Mobile or Phone, Email and Source (Where the customer heard about you). In Settings / System / Contacts you can force the entry of specific fields.

The system is designed so there is only one main Prospect entry per contact at a time. If that contact is interested in multiple products then they can be added to the Subject. 

The main Prospect details normally comprise of the following fields:

•Subject - What their interest is eg: Product or Service

•Summary - Any information that would help you get the deal into the summary field. This can be added to as additional Actions are made.

•Originated - The date the Enquiry was originally made

•Target - The date you are targeting the deal to be concluded (Use if you want forecasting)

•Value - To total estimated value of the deal (Use if you want forecasting)

•Allocated To - The person the Prospect is Allocated to

A prospect also has following fields that are not editable, but are populated when creating 'Actions'

•Status/Rating - The last current status, or rating of the likelihood of a Sale id still current (eg: Cool, Warm or Hot)

•Last Action Date - The date the last 'Action' was done

•Next Action date - The targeted date of the next 'Action

Prospect Actions

Each Action comprises of the following main fields

•Do Date - The date the action was completed (or due to be completed)

•Type - Type of Action (Enq, Chase, Demo, Quote, Sold, or Lost

•Details - Any information relating specifically to that Action (Note: Put general information in Summary above)

•Do By - The person to do that Action

•Rating - The rating of the likelihood of a Sale at the time of entering this 'Action'

The first 'Action' in creating the Prospect should be the 'Enquiry'. You can the follow up by 'Chases', 'Demos' and 'Quotes'. And finally close by creating a 'Sold' or 'Lost' action.

When you save each Action you can setting the Follow-up date for their Next Action. You are also given option of to create a reminder Message or Task

Managing Prospects

Each operator should manage the Prospects that are allocated to them.

The operator would normally be logged in as them selves. They would select CRM from the top menu and ensure the 'Prospects' tab is selected.

The list should show all their current Prospects in Next Action order.

The normal way is to work though this list by selecting a line, click Edit (or double click the line), review the details, and perform the next 'Action'

The best option is obviously to close the sale, but if this is not possible you should detail what to do next and set the Next Action date.

If the prospect of a sale is zero or very little you may want to mark the Prospect as 'Lost' to enable you to concentrate better on the remaining prospects. If you do this it is very important to detail the reason the sale was lost so the business has a chance to improve by looking at this analysis.


These are some of the common reports that can be produced

Form - Prints all the details for a single Prospect on an A4 Form (On the left menu in CRM / Prospects)

Details - Shows details for all the current Prospects for the selected Operator (On the left menu in CRM / Prospects)

Summary - Shows a summary of all the Prospect action for any period (On the left menu in CRM / Prospects)

Note: The Prospect Summary report (above) Includes:

Current prospects numbers - For each operator grouped by Cool/Warm/Hot.

Prospect Actions numbers - For each operator grouped by Enq/Chase/Demo/Quote/Lost/Sold.

New Enquirers - Showing Name, Product, Source, Person, Value

Prospects by Source - Showing This Period, Last 3 months, Last 12 months

Demonstrations - Showing Name, Subject, Rating, Person, Value

Sold - Showing Name, Source, Person, Value

Lost - Showing Name, Source, Person, Value

Next Month Targets - Showing Name, Source, Person, Value

Hot Prospects - Showing Name, Source, Person, Value

Sales by Department - Showing Department, Sales(Incl), Sales(Net), Invoices, Cost, Profit, % Margin, % of Sales

Sales by Operator - Showing Operator, Sales(Incl), Sales(Net), Invoices, Cost, Profit, % Margin, % of Sales