Our integration allows you to automatically download the latest product and inventory information from Feridax, this will then be imported into Evopos as a price book, the inventory status will be displayed in the format code field.

You can also electronically send orders (EDI) to Feridax.

EDI Ordering


  • An active, Feridax online account
  • A contact record on Evopos with the word Feridax in it (Not case sensitive)
  • Must use the Feridax part number or supplier part number.

To Create and Send the Purchase Order

  1. Create a purchase order for Feridax as normal.
  2. When given the option to print, email or export, choose the export file option and select the CSV format.
  3. When you click Export the order will be exported to a CSV file, you can then upload this CSV file into the Feridax website.

Product Feed


  • Feridax Data Feed credentials
  • Internet Connection


The data feed credentials are not the credentials used to login into the Feridax Trade Website, to obtain the data feed credentials you will need to email Feridax at


  1. Ensure you have a price book setup for Feridax -
  2. Navigate to Settings\Integrations
  3. Create a New Integration and choose the Feridax format
  4. Enter your credentials in the boxes provided
  5. Select your price book from the drop down control
  6. Click Save


Since the integration imports the data into a price book, the usage is the same as any other price book, see more info here:


You can either update the data manually or on a schedule.


  1. Navigate to Settings\Integrations
  2. Click Update Data


  1. Navigate to Settings\Workstations\Schedule
  2. Create a new schedule
  3. Choose the type Website Items Sync
  4. Select the Feridax integration from the drop down
  5. Choose the daily occurrence
  6. Click Save


Evopos can only download the product data once every 7 days and inventory data once every 10 minutes.