Creating a basic invoice.

  1. Select Sales (if not already the current screen).
  2. Scan a barcode or type the item’s part number (lookup code). Make sure the cursor is flashing in the ‘Lookup No’ column. If you just type the first few letters of a number it will show a list of items starting with what you have entered.
  3. Alternatively you could select Search to bring up other search options such as ‘Group’ to drill down to the item through the product Groups and Categories, ‘Text Anywhere’ to search for any part of a number or description or by ‘Supplier’, ‘Brand’ etc.
  4. Once the part has been selected you can select Edit to make any changes. Note: In ‘Settings’ you can make the edit screen come up every time or just if there is in-sufficient qty in stock. Also in ‘Items’ you can set certain items to automatically prompt for price or qty.
  5. When you have entered all items select Finish. This will bring up the finish screen where you can select the payment details or change type
  6. To select the payment method you can:
  • Just select the method of payment (by using the arrow up and down keys or by using the shortcut keys)
  • Enter a greater amount and then select payment method which will show the Change to give,
  • Enter a lesser amount, then select payment method and then repeat (for multiple payment methods).
  • Note: You can enter multiple payments for different contacts or payment methods if required. If not paying all of an invoice, select Account for the balance. You can also select different print settings or send by Email.
  • When the payment details are correct select a Save option

Tip 1 - Point only sale - If you use barcodes Evopos has features to enable the whole sale to be performed without even touching the keyboard. You can print barcodes for Salespersons, Customer loyalty cards and Payment methods. So you can simply scan the salesperson (if required), scan the Items and then scan the Payment method.

Tip 2 - When the sales screen is loaded you can control if it will prompt to first enter a Customer or go straight to Parts entry (Change in Settings / Workstation / Sales options).

Tip 3 – If you want to change the ‘Invoice To’ Name press Enter (to go to left menu), then press Tab (selects the name field already highlighted).