The sales transaction screen is used for quoting, ordering and invoicing, this gives a consistent interface and allows the user to easily convert quotes and orders into an invoice.

It is also used for booking items to a job and internal transactions.

1. Entering a Contact

You can set billing and delivery contacts on a transaction.

  1. Enter the contacts name into the billing name field and press enter
  2. If there are multiple contacts with the same name then the contacts form will appear
  3. Alternatively if you want to search by phone number, email etc, you can click the search icon
  4. Highlight the contact and click Return to set the billing contact

2. Entering a Line

Lines are entered into the sales screen by entering a look up number or bar code number into the grid.

You are able to scan, type or partially type into the sales grid.

You can also click the Search option on the side menu to access the other Search options including text anywhere (wild card), by category, by supplier, by brand, by fitment and more.

  1. Enter the item number/lookup number/barcode number into the sales grid
  2. If EVOPOS finds the stock item and is in stock, the line is automatically added and you are ready to enter the next line
  3. If the item is not in stock, you will be presented with the Sales Edit Line form, you can then choose to Customer Order or Supply the item

Entering other Details

Other details such as department, date and customer reference can be set on the transaction

3. Finalise the Transaction

To finalise the transaction we click the finish button, this takes us to the finish screen where we can decide whether to save as an invoice, quote, sales order or internal transaction.

  1. Click the Finish button
  2. You will now be in the Finish screen, the default transaction type is an invoice, you can see the other options on the side menu
  3. Click one of the Save options to save the transaction


  • Point only sale - If you use barcodes Evopos has features to enable the whole sale to be performed without even touching the keyboard. You can print barcodes for Salespersons, Customer loyalty cards and Payment methods. So you can simply scan the salesperson (if required), scan the Items and then scan the Payment method.
  • When the sales screen is loaded you can control if it will prompt to first enter a Customer or go straight to Parts entry (Change in Settings / Workstation / Sales options).
  • If you want to change the ‘Invoice To’ Name press Enter (to go to left menu), then press Tab (selects the name field already highlighted).