Sales Transaction Screen

The Sales section is used to produce the following transactions:

  • Quotes 
  • Sales Orders (Delivery Notes)
  • Invoices. 
  • Internal transactions - e.g. booking items to a job or booking a job / items to sales units.

All transactions are built in the same way, the transaction type is decided on the Finish screen where different options are displayed. This makes it easy to convert one type of transaction to another, for example convert a Quote into an Order and then to an Invoice.

The main stages of a sale transaction are:

Entering Details - Customer, Items, Units, Jobs

Finishing - Selecting the transaction type, payment method(s), printing and emailing.


The search button will open your search, where you can find items by a variety of different criteria, shown at top of screen:

  • Browse - Basic search functionally
  • Text Anywhere - Wild Card search functionality
  • Fitment - Search based on fitment data
  • Group / Category - Drill down through groups and categories
  • Supplier, Brand, Attributes, Codes - Filter Items items by criteria

Edit - Editing Lines

In the Edit Form we are able to see and edit additional details for each line on the transaction. The edit button on the side menu will show the Edit Form for the highlighted line.

The Edit Form can appear in multiple cases:
  • Item is not in stock (insufficient stock)
  • To confirm quantity
  • To confirm unit price
  • Item is superseded
  • Item does not exist


EVOPOS has a comprehensive discounting form, you can discount by:

  • Percentage
  • Amount
  • Total Amount


Holding allows you to save a transaction, depending on the transaction type Evopos can perform different actions.

Invoice (Default)

Holding an invoice allows you save the transaction so that you could perform another sale, move to a different computer or save without allocating any stock.


Holding a quote will save the quote as a held transaction, to save the quote you will need to click Finish then Save.

Sales Order

Holding a sales order will prompt you to save the sales order.


Hold a job will prompt you to save the job, you have additional options to change the job status.


The recall screen is where we can recall different transactions into the sales screen.


This option enables you to quickly clear the transaction screen, this will remove all information from the screen.

If you try to Clear when a sales order has been recalled you will be prompted to save or delete the sales order.


You can find a number of options and features in the Sales Options menu.