Setting Xero up as a private application allows you to upload to Xero without having to log in each time.


  1. EVOPOS will generate a self signed certificate that you will upload to Xero
  2. When you have uploaded the certificate, Xero will generate a 2 keys
  3. You will then enter those keys into EVOPOS


  1. Navigate to Settings\Integrations
  2. Select or create your Xero integration
  3. Click the Xero Settings button

  1. EVOPOS will open this guide along with the Xero Apps page
  2. EVOPOS will create a self signed certificate
  3. Log into Xero
  4. Click the New App button on the Xero Apps page
  5. Choose the Private Application type
  6. Give the App a name (EVOPOS)
  7. Select which organisation you want to sync with
  8. Choose to upload the certificate then select the certificate on your computer (C:\Evopos\Xero\evoXeroCert.cer)
  9. Agree to terms and enable Payroll API
  10. Click Create App

  1. Copy and paste the consumer key and secret into the fields provide in EVOPOS

2. Click OK to save