Loyalty systems are popular as it allows business to reward customer loyalty with points rather than expensive discounts. The Evopos Loyalty system is very flexible and automated.

There are many advantages to the Evopos Loyalty system

  • The customer normally needs to buy again to get the reward.
  • The customer would not normally be impressed to get a small percentage discount such as 1.5% or 0.75 discount, however getting say 75 points does not have the same negative impact.
  • Points systems are normally based on a low (1% to 5%) rate of the sale value.
  • It is easy to set items or groups of item that are not subject to points or have double points etc
  • You have more control over how their reward is claimed, for example offer products that you have excess stock of, something that could get you extra benefits or something that helps to build relationships / loyalty such as Race Days etc.
  • You can track everything that each customer has purchased to help with you sales and marketing logistics

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are an easy method of selecting the customer. Obviously the customer needs to be selected to ensure points (or discounts) are allocated to them. It is also a great way to get the customers name and details without having to ask them for their name. Just scan the card and all the customer details are there. This, on its own, builds loyalty, as customers love it when they are remembered.

We normally use loyalty cards with a barcode number. Magnetic swipes can also be used but these are becoming less popular. It is a big advantage if the barcode is distinguishable from other numbers by prefixing it with a code eg: –C999999 (where 999999 is the customer number). The code enables the scan to work in multiple places such as the sales Part number prompt, this avoids the operator having to go to a specific area to scan it.

Evopos can also produces barcode labels for Loyalty Cards with the above code on. So if you do not want to go to the expense of custom Loyalty cards you can simply print a barcode label and stick it on the back of a business card or a pre-printed plastic loyalty card without a barcode.

When you purchase pre-printed Loyalty Cards (Evopos Customer Service can provide these for you), you will normally get a batch from –C1000 to –C1500. You should make sure these numbers are not already used as customer numbers in Evopos.

Setting up the Loyalty Points

You can set the standard number of points for each 0.01 spent in Settings / System / Sales. For example 1 point per 0.01 would give 100 points for 1.00, 575 points for 5.75 etc.

Customer who you wish to have points awarded to must have a Price Level set on their account. The Price level can have additional Points Multipliers to the standard rate (as above). You can be set by Item, Category, Brand or All. They are. For example if you wanted certain Categories or Items to be exempt from points you would set up a Price Level detail for that and set the Points Multiplier to 0. If you wanted certain Categories or Items to be say Double Points you would set up records for those and set the Points Multiplier to 2, for triple points set to 3 etc. Having the additional multipliers in the Price levels means we can vary points for different customer types and different items or groups of item.

If there are no Price Level details assigned to an item, it will calculate based on the standard rate (as above).

Setting up what can be claimed. We would normally have a range of part numbers for the items that can be claimed. This makes it easy to look up all the options a customer has. It also makes it easy to claim as we just need to select these items. These are also entered in the Price Level so we specify the amounts of point to Claim. The Points on these items would be entered as a negative amount eg: -500 to claim 500 points. The items can be priced Free (if no extra payment needed), or a reduced amount if the points gives them an amount off, or a negative amount if to be taken off against other items.

See Claiming Points below for more information

The Points for each line are stored in the Transaction Line table. They are calculated form the Lines when-ever you want to see how many points they have

You can see how many points a customer has at any stage, and also exactly how that figure was calculated together with their full history of Points

You can Edit the points awarded or claimed on any line by selecting Accounts / Sales / Sales Lines.

If you archive off very old transactions that have points awarded you may have to enter a brought forward number of points

Setting up a Customer for the Loyalty system

When setting up a customer you would normally go to Contacts on the top menu and select their contact record (or create a new one i).

When issuing Cards with pre-printed barcodes, take the next available card, and enter the customer number from it (without the –C) into the Customer number field (or scan it and remove the –C). Or if using Evopos to produce a Loyalty card labels, select label from the left menu and ensure the Loyalty option is ticked.

You would normally also assign the appropriate Price Level which could contains Points Multipliers for certain items, items that can be claimed, and any special prices. You select the Price Level by selecting from the Price Level drop-down on the sales tab.

Awarding points to the customer

This is automatic, just sell items to the customer as normal. Note Loyalty cards make it easy to ensure the points are getting awarded to the correct customer.

Customer Claiming Points

It is common for a business to have a range of items or services that customers can use their points for. For example:

  • Race Day pass - 1,500 points
  • Discount of 50.00 off next service - 750 points
  • Gift Voucher for 20.00 - 700 points
  • Bike clock - 500 points

These are often items we wish to promote or give us some additional benefit.

Many customers never get round to claiming their points, which is another reasons points systems are so popular.

When a customer wants to claim or check their points, select Contacts from the top menu, find the customer (Scan the Card), select the Sales tab in the bottom right of the screen, and the Loyalty Points are shown

For the customer to claim points you can just sell them one of the items that can be claimed they just need to field can be manually adjusted by reducing the number of points by the amount they have reclaimed. We will shortly have a system for automating this more.

Note do not use -999 as a points claim as this code is used on temporary transactions to say no over-ride points have been applied.

Reporting on Points

You can report on the whole history of Points for a Customer by selecting Contacts from the top menu, drop down the Quick Reports selection box and then select the Points History report.

The Points field in the Transaction Lines records can be manually adjusted in Accounts / Sales / Sales Lines.