‘Contacts’ is our universal name for anyone we deal with including Customers, Suppliers, Staff etc. We can have any number of Categories to break them up when required. Personal names are normally entered by their surname first followed by a coma and then any title and first name eg: SMITH,JOHN or JONES,MISS SUSAN. This makes it much easier to find names where you have a mixture of Companies and Personal names. Company Names are entered normally



You would normally first enter the surname or first part of the company name. This way it would bring up different spellings of the first names or titles

If there is only one name starting with what you have entered it will select it immediately, If there is more than one name starting with what you have entered it will bring up a list, If there is nothing beginning with what you have entered it will prompt to create a new contact.

If you searching by Name (the normal default) and you enter a % sign before it will do a wild-card search. For example if you entered %SALLY it would bring up all the SALLY's no matter where it was in the name

On the other search modes it will normally do a wildcard search automatically

If the name is not in the list you can select New


There are tabs on the bottom right for additional details

Persons – Phone numbers, email, photo etc. The Greeting field can be used in mailshots, SMSs for a more informal greeting. Companies can have multiple person entries. It is important that we have only one contact person with Main ticked otherwise some of the reports will not work correctly.

Categories – Assign any number of Categories to a Contact, pre-defined ones include: Supplier, Trade, Retail, Export, Export(EU) or you can make your own

Prospects – For recording your sales prospects and events

Sales – Details such as Price Levels and Credit limits

Delivery - Set a default Delivery address or an different contact we should always invoice to (eg: HQ)

Purchases – Details such as Default nominal and Settlement rates

Other – Set if Active, Send Mail, Sending options, Web address etc

Units - Shows the Units that are currently registered to that contact

History - Shows the History for that contact



Tip – Search initially by surname only. This helps avoid duplicated contacts where they have been entered differently eg SMITH,TONY, SMITH,ANTHONY or SMITH,MR T etc